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StarMedia Launches Spanish/Portuguese MP3 Player

StarMedia Network Tuesday launched StarMedia PCDJ, an MP3 player in Spanish and Portuguese.

In addition to recording CD songs, playlists, and MP3 search tools, StarMedia PCDJ also includes two players -- so two music files can play simultaneously -- with settings to control the interplay, speed, cross-fade and other elements of the playback. The player is capable of playing or mixing two audio or video files at the same.

"MP3s and other digital distribution means are reshaping the musical landscape, enabling professional and amateur musicians to connect with their fans more directly," said Francisco Loureiro, chief operating officer, StarMedia (STRM) Interactive Group.

"StarMedia PCDJ, our feature-rich MP3 player, facilitates that experience by providing our audience with a superior product in their native language. StarMedia PCDJ is not only the first Spanish- and Portuguese-language multiple MP3 player, but it also features options not available in most standard English-language MP3 players such as the ability to mix songs."

Internet users locate sound files in their computers using the "Editar/Grabacion" (Edit/Record) tab and further classify their files into different groups and subgroups as well as browse the Internet for MP3 files using StarMedia PCDJ's built-in browser. Recording music from CDs is accomplished using the "Extraer" tab.

StarMedia PCDJ provides Spanish and Portuguese speakers with a detailed in-language guide to playing and mixing songs and videos, controlling the speed of songs, fading and recording CD songs.

The software is available here.