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CEDROM-Sni Claims Rank as Largest Canadian News E-Publisher

Electronic information provider CEDROM-Sni will provide online access to the entire editorial content of the National Post.

This is the latest addition to a number of recent contracts signed by the company, bringing the total number of titles published to its Newscan, Eureka, and Europresse databases content to 50.

This development makes CEDROM-SNi Canada's largest server and information publication center for Canadian and European news via the Internet.

"In today's economy of very large scale markets, it has become imperative at this point that we assume a role as market leader that extends well beyond our geographic borders," said Francois Aird, the company's president.

"That's the reason for our ongoing efforts to maintain and fine-tune standards that will ensure quick access for our clients to an increasingly diversified, rich, and timely body of information originating from major media all across the nation and even between continents. The contract being announced today is definitely a step in that direction."

In addition to the National Post, CEDROM-SNi has recently entered into agreements with a number of other publishers publishers, including the Guelph Mercury, the Halifax Chronicle Herald, and the Halifax Sunday Herald.

Further agreements with Canadian news publishers are now in the works.

Across the Atlantic, the European French language news database has recently been expanded to include the content of the newspaper L'Humanité, the magazine Le Point, and the newswire service PR Line.

The CEDROM-SNi sites, which were launched in 1988, today publish the content of 50 Canadian and European press sources. CEDROM-SNi has a staff of 90, and maintains offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Paris.