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iCraveTV Settlement Shuts Down Site

Representatives of the U.S. motion picture, television and professional sports industries, alongside Canadian broadcasters and producers, have announced that iCraveTV has agreed to an out-of-court settlement that shuts down the iCrave Internet site.

The settlement states that the named defendants will never again engage in the illegal streaming of television signals into the U.S. via the Internet.

The settlement comes after a U.S. District Judge in Pittsburgh issued a preliminary injunction order on Feb. 8, 2000 against iCraveTV and the individuals behind the Internet operation including William R. Craig, William R. Craig Consulting, George Simons and TVRadio Now Corp., ordering the Web site to stop its unauthorized transmission of broadcast signals into the U.S. via the Internet.

"The resolution of this matter will serve as a deterrent to anyone who seeks to take that which they do not own. Legitimate consumers, creative artists and copyright holders everywhere should join us in celebrating today's settlement. We remain committed to using every resource at our disposal to defend our intellectual property," said Jack Valenti, president and chief executive officer of the Motion Picture Association of America.

Valenti emphasized that the lawsuit and settlement are in no way an attack on the Internet.

"Our members have endeavored to make full use of the exciting opportunities offered by the Internet. We are anxious to distribute our copyrighted programs online to consumers and look forward to the development of legitimate and secure distribution outlets on the Internet. The Internet -- like print, radio and television before it -- will be a more satisfying medium for consumers if the interests of content providers are properly respected," Valenti added.

This settlement means that both parties will not be returning to court as prescribed by the preliminary injunction ruling.