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Jupiter Goes Shopping for B2B Properties

Jupiter Communications Inc. Tuesday expanded into the business-to-business space with the purchase of two research companies that focus on corporate Internet trends for an estimated $50.6 million in cash and stock.

Jupiter (JPTR) signed definitive agreements to acquire privately-held Internet Research Group, a research and consulting firm focused exclusively on Internet infrastructure markets and Net Market Makers, which provides information and market education about Internet intermediaries.

The deals combined are worth approximately $50.6 million in cash and stock, though no other terms of the acquisitions were disclosed.

Internet Research Group studies and analyzes Internet infrastructure markets. Its clients include Adobe Systems, Bell Atlantic, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Akamai Technologies, Lucent and Novell.

NMM provides information, analysis, resources and connections to companies that build and grow Net markets, as well as to the broader community of investors and technology partners.

As part of its B2B strategy, Jupiter also launched a conference and exhibition, the Jupiter Business-to-Business Commerce Forum, to be held in early June, and a new Business-to-Business Commerce research and advisory service.

Jupiter Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gene DeRose said the expansion into the B2B space was always planned, but the company was waiting for the right time to make its move.

"We decided to expand our presence in this particular, essential segment only once we were assured that we would be the leading authority, and we could bring our unique combination of assets to bear on the opportunity," DeRose said.

"Taken together, we are quickly adding tremendous executive and analytical talent, enlarging the scope of our research and conference businesses, expanding our own Web initiatives, and strengthening our Silicon Valley presence."

"By adding explicit coverage of, and events devoted to the exploding business-to-business commerce phenomena, we intend to greatly expand our relationships with existing client companies, while attracting many more with our complete set of research and advisory solutions," he added.