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Taipei Cyber-Gurus to Standardize E-Biz

The International CALS/APLS Congress meeting in Taipei this week has focused on establishing standard e-business processes with an eye on reducing costs.

CALS stands for "Computer Aided Logistics Support" while APLS represents "Advanced Procurement and Logistics Support."

Congress chairman Howard Mason spoke of the importance of standardizing processes and contracts, citing recent cooperation between the United States' "Big Three" auto makers to develop an electronic procurement system.

Congress participants hope to set standards for interactive technical manuals so that the manuals will be applicable across international borders.

Also at the meeting, Hwang Jung-chou, who is in charge of the Taiwan government's efforts to get the island's small and medium-size enterprises online, presented a report on the plan's progress.

Hwang said that so far 29 major companies in Taiwan, including Acer, Compaq and IBM, have set up electronic supply chains.

The next stage of the program is to have the 3,000 largest enterprises on the island using the Net to handle the vast majority of their purchasing needs. By 2004, the government hopes to see some 50,000 companies online.

Hwang stressed that a company using e-commerce for purchasing "can shorten time to market, reduce costs, mistakes and inventory."