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Chapters, Canada Payphone Ink Joint Marketing Deal

Chapters Online has concluded a joint marketing agreement with Canada Payphone Corp. (CPC).

Canada Payphone is a public company providing services nationwide installing state-of-the-art AT&T Canada branded payphones, Grapevine Network Terminals, and Interactive Internet Kiosks.

Under the agreement, all CPC public Internet kiosks installed across Canada now provide CPCs customers with free access to the Chapters.ca Web site, where they can browse for and purchase a wide selection of book, music CD, video, DVD, and software titles.

CPC's AT&T Canada branded Internet kiosks, are available in hotels and other high profile locations across Canada frequented by business travelers, tourists, and general consumers.

The kiosks provide connectivity to local and national news, sports, financial, and retail information services through a user-friendly full-color touch screen. The kiosks also offer users a multi-card reader for access to other areas of the Internet, e-mail and e-commerce.

"CPC public Internet terminals are a significant opportunity for Canadian companies to promote their services in public areas, increasing their reach dramatically," said Christopher Severs, Public Internet Terminal Program Manager at Canada Payphone.

"CPC is committed to expanding its network of public Internet terminals and is investigating opportunities to locate the kiosks within traditional retail environments."

Jason Karsh, Chapters' Sales Development Manager, said that "Canada has established itself as one of the most wired nations in the world and public access Internet terminals are another example of how Canadians can connect to the Web."