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Freeserve Launches Unmetered Deals

Net service provider Freeserve has announced two unmetered Internet pricing plans to compete with the flood of offers made by rivals during the last month.

BT telephone line users will be offered unlimited off-peak access for £6.99 a month from May 2000. For users prepared to switch telecoms provider, Freeserve will offer unmetered access at all times if customers spend at least £10 a month on voice calls. This is an extension of the ISP's existing Freeserve Time deal.

Freeserve was the first ISP to offer subscription-free Internet access when it was launched in September 1998 by high-street retailer Dixons Group. But its model is under pressure from Altavista, NTL and others who have promised free Internet phone calls as well as no subscription.

Fully unmetered access is available for customers who switch telco to Energis and spend at least £10 on voice telephone calls. Users can access the Energis network by buying a router box - for about £10 - or by dialling a code before the call.

Freeserve hopes to avoid the technical problems caused by the popularity of unmetered services by limiting sign up to Freeserve Time to 10,000 users a week.

Altavista announced that it would offer free Internet access for a one-off fee of between £30 and £50, and an annual payment of £10 to £20. NTL said it will offer free and unmetered Internet access in the UK for users of its phone service, with no annual charge. Yesterday, ISP breathe said it would offer free online access for life, for a one-off charge of £50.