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ebookers.com Acquires Two European Travel Agencies

Online travel company ebookers.com announced Thursday its acquisition of two European travel agencies with combined annual revenues of $22 million.

The agencies are the sports travel bureau Rejsegalleriet A/S, based in Denmark, and the well established Dutch travel agency Reisbureau Nova.

ebookers.com did not say how much it has paid for each agency, just that the combined cost for both of them is $2.5 million.

Iain Reid, chief operating officer of ebookers.com, hailed the double acquisition as another significant milestone for his company, which has become one of Europe's largest online travel agencies.

"Our presence in 10 European countries gives us an excellent lead in online travel in Europe and gives us access to a potential 250 million Europeans, a number close to the 270 million population of the United States.

ebookers.com's Danish acquisition, Rejsegalleriet A/S, was part-owned by Brian Laudrup, known throughout Europe as a football star and midfielder for Ajax Football Club in Amsterdam. His company has specialized in travel to sporting events such as Formula One races and major football matches, and he will remain a director.

Reisbureau Nova, ebookers.com's Dutch acquisition, offers a full range of airfares, packages, hotels, car hire and travel insurance. One of its key offerings are its special package deals which enable members of multi-national communities in the Netherlands to visit their homes overseas.

ebookers.com now operates in Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the U.K. It offers discounted airfares from 72 airlines and from 14,000 hotels worldwide.