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Rioport Launches Audio Manager 3.0

RioPort Inc. Friday released a beta version of its next generation Audio Manager 3.0, which includes new audio and video streaming capabilities, the ability to burn custom CDs for playback of music on home and car stereos, and downloading of tracks in multiple formats to the desktop or portable playback devices.

The beta version of Audio Manager 3.0 is available for free at the company's Web site. The final software is expected to become available through RioPort's network of distribution partners in the next several weeks.

Audio Manager 3.0 is MetaTrust Certified by InterTrust Technologies Corp., and also supports Microsoft9s Windows Media Format, addressing the desires of major content owners by providing a solid, secure commerce infrastructure, which will drive the delivery of popular digital music and spoken audio content via the Internet. For RioPort's platform partners and OEMs, benefits include support for multiple file formats with built-in digital rights management functionality and the ability to customize the application9s look and features for their own audiences.

"RioPort9s new Audio Manager is a significant leap forward in helping to drive mass market acceptance of digital audio," said Todd Moore, director of product management for platform systems at RioPort Inc.

"Audio Manager 3.0 provides all the features consumers want in an easy-to-use application, while addressing the concerns of copyright holders who want assurance that their content will be protected from piracy. By addressing these concerns through our software, we are helping the industry come one step closer to making digital audio a truly viable consumer market."

With Audio Manager 3.0, users can:

  • Play CD music in addition to downloaded digital audio or video files
  • Encode music from their own CD collection to create a personal database of MP3 or Windows Media Format audio files for playback on their PC or compatible portable device
  • Download new music tracks from the Internet or use their existing database of MP3 or WMA files, then make their own CD using a CD-R drive for playback on their home/car stereo
  • Download tracks in MP3, WMA, formats for playback on the PC or compatible portable player
  • Stream leading audio formats, such as MP3, WMA or G2, on their desktop for listening to audio or viewing video files on the Web without storing files on their hard drive
  • Or connect to portable devices using the industry standard Media Device Manager (MDM) API from RioPort, which is interoperable with Microsoft's Windows Media Device Manager (WMDM), adopted by a growing number of portable device manufacturers.

Other features include:

  • Support for a variety of portable audio playback devices
  • Categorization, searching, sorting and creation of playlists
  • Built-in Web browser
  • Higher fidelity encoding. Audio Manager 3.0 allows consumers to encode tracks from their own CD collection into the MP3 or WMA formats at up to 256 Kbps.
  • Customizable interface and effects

Both the beta and final versions of the Audio Manager 3.0 software are available for free. The free version includes an unlimited number of WMA encodes and up to 50 MP3 encodes, as well as 25 CD burns. To enable unlimited encoding and burning, consumers can unlock the software for $18.95 or $9.95 for each unlimited encoding or CD burning.

The Audio Manager will respect all "no copy" flags that are associated with secure or SDMI-compliant content, including content packaged in an InterTrust or Microsoft DRM container. Audio Manager 3.0 will be available from the following RioPort network sites: MTV.com, VH1.com, SonicNet,