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Alphatel Deploys Spike Technologies' Wireless Broadband

Spike Technologies Inc. Monday agreed to offer broadband Net access via Alphatel SA, a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Argentina.

Alphatel has been awarded radio spectrum licenses in eight major cities in Argentina, including the capital Buenos Aires and Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza and Mar del Plata.

The deal will allow Alphatel to launch its broadband wireless Internet access service for both business and residential locations in these major markets for applications including Internet access, streaming video and video conferencing.

Argentina is the second South American country to install Spike's broadband wireless Internet access systems. In 1997, Spike deployed systems in Caracas and Merida, Venezuela, linking government offices, businesses, schools, and scientific foundations in the region, including a 50-mile area in the Andes Mountains.

"Spike's broadband wireless access solution is the technology enabling our deployment of the new high-speed information infrastructure of global electronic business that otherwise would take years to deploy using traditional methods," said Carlos Zabalza of Alphatel.