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Agile Software: Living Up to Its Name

To compete effectively in the global marketplace, companies realize that it does not make sense to go solo. To grow fast, companies need to establish key partnership and sourcing agreements. But as time goes by, these relationships can get exceedingly complex. Dell Computer, for example, uses sophisticated technology to manage its myriad suppliers and partners. Of course, the result has been super-charged growth -- as competitors have lagged.

It was interesting that Dell selected Agile Software (AGIL) recently as a software solution for its manufacturing sites. The agreement includes 3,500 users for the Web-based Agile system. In fact, prior to the IPO, Dell invested in Agile.

Yes, Agile has done quite well since its IPO last year. But expect more success. Actually, yesterday Agile signed a deal with Agilent Technologies, a leader in monitoring technology for medical devices, semiconductors and optical components.

The product that these companies want is called Agile Anywhere. The technology is a full suite of applications that automate the distribution and synchronization of product information along the e-supply chain. Companies can then review, in real-time, the critical information within the supply chain through Agile e-hubs. For example, companies like Dell and Agilent are continually introducing new products -- globally. Managing the information flow can be a nightmare. Agile Anywhere takes the heartache out of the process.

The company is monetizing its success. In the past quarter, sales were $8.56 million, compared to $4.59 million for the same period a year ago. As for losses, these were manageable: $1.71 million, which compares to $2.22 million in the same period a year ago. In the past quarter, Agile added 49 customers.

With its penetration into the enterprise market supply chains, Agile is expanding into business-to-business. The company launched its MyAgile.com business-to-business portal. There was also a strategic partnership with SupplierMarket.com, a leading B2B hub for custom manufactured products, and the purchase of Digital Market, which provides e-procurement capabilities for direct production materials.

Agile has the clear first-mover advantage. True, there is competition on the horizon. But by the time competitors come in, Agile will probably be too big to topple.

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