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Rewards Network for Latin America Launches

BitTime.com, a developer of online incentive and loyalty solutions for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking audiences, launched a rewards network for Latin America.

The network is designed to build and strengthen e-merchant's business-to-consumer and business-to-business relationships, the company said.

"While various inefficiencies in the region have doomed loyalty and incentive programs in the past, the growth of e-commerce is once again making the major portals, e-retailers and multinationals shift their focus away from customer acquisition and look to meet the challenges of customer retention," said Alberto Gross, president and chief executive officer of BitTime.com.

BitTime.com said it already has implemented online loyalty programs for leading multinationals such as 3Com and has secured commitments in excess of $3 million in projected revenues for fiscal year 2000.

"The reality is that Latin America is not a homogenous culture and requires an online incentive solution that addresses the local realities of each market and delivers rewards that are relevant to all Internet users - whether they are in Sao Paulo, Mexico City or San Juan," Gross said.

BitTime.com said it has developed relationships with merchants, retailers and rewards suppliers in each market, and also offers partners the flexibility to reward members with prizes from international retailers and suppliers that ship to Latin America.

BitTime.com's BizSolutions, the company's B2B division, has already developed two private label incentive programs for 3Com, 3Comercio and 3Com Conectando Mundos, where authorized resellers in Latin America earn rewards such as Palm Pilots, 3Com Merchandise, Amazon.com gift certificates or American Airlines miles.

On the B2C front, BitTime.com's flagship program is TrocaMania, designed to reward Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Internet users with Trocas, an online incentive currency similar to frequent flyer miles, which can be redeemed for rewards.