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Microsoft Settles Patent Case For $60M

Microsoft agreed Wednesday to pay Imagexpo $60 million to settle a case involving disputed technology used in the Redmond, Wash., giant's NetMeeting product.

Imagexpo is a subsidiary of SPX Corp., an electronics manufacturer based in Charlotte, N.C.

NetMeeting is an application that let remote users communicate via text, voice or video, and includes collaboration tools to share and edit documents and images.

A jury trial last month determined the Redmond, Wash., software giant used a technique for viewing and editing pre-press images in NetMeeting that was patented by Imagexpo and was liable for $62.5 million in damages.

Microsoft, from the beginning, maintained it independently developed the technology. After the ruling, both parties said certain "unspecified" legal matters needed to be resolved before any money changed hands.

NetMeeting is still used in many Windows operating systems, though Microsoft has long said it was phasing out the technology in favor of new collaboration software it purchased from PlaceWare.