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Carrier1, Star One Strike One-of-a-Kind Deal

Fibre-optic provider Carrier1 International S.A. and Star One AG Wednesday teamed up on a DM 144 million ($71.5 million) deal to provide broadband access in Germany.

Under the 20-year agreement, Star One secured exclusive rights to use two fibres from Carrier1's existing fibre-optic network supplying connectivity to 17 German cities.

The watershed contract for Carrier1 (CONE) confirms its market leadership in pan-European broadband network services.

Edward Gross, Carrier1 Germany managing director, said the synergies between the two organisations were critical to constructing the deal.

"Initially Star One was impressed with the quality and reliability of our offer, but the deciding factor in this important contract was the flexibility Carrier1 has shown in creating the services Star One AG specified," Gross said. "This flexibility is paramount in all of our dealings with our European customers."

Christian Golaszewski, Star One chief operating officer, said it is one of the few carriers in Germany its fully controls its own broadband infrastructure as a result of the deal.

"Star One is now able to provide more customers than ever with fast and affordable access to the whole potential range of broadband telecommunications services from a single source," Golaszewski said.

Star One has begun building a Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) wireless broadband network designed to dominate "last mile" broadband connectivity in Germany. It intends to provide customers with high-speed data transport and Internet access, as well as local and long distance voice services.

The fibre-optic network provided to Star One covers Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, Dortmund, and Bremen with extensions into Bielefeld, Hanover and Magdeburg.

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Star One has established itself as the early leader in the German broadband marketplace. Its service areas cover approximately 50 Million potential customers and 850,000 businesses. The company's license coverage area includes a majority of the metropolitan areas in Germany.

Zurich-based Carrier1's Pan European inter-city fiber network connects 11 countries and spans over 9,000 route kilometers. The firm currently constructing 20 intra-city fiber networks and through its investment in the joint venture HubCo S.A., is in the process of building 20 full-service data center facilities.