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Aladdin Systems Ships MacTuner

Aladdin Systems Inc. Friday shipped MacTuner 2.1.5, a free upgrade to the global media receiver previously published by Trexar Technologies Inc.

MacTuner is Macintosh multimedia software that uses the Net to play live and recorded radio and television stations. Users can tune in to stations world-wide: including news, talk, sports and other informational programs. MacTuner also plays music formats ranging from alternative to country, and jazz to oldies.

"Audio and video Internet technology is at the forefront and we're excited to be an active participant," said Aladdin Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Kahn. "MacTuner customers can listen to their favorite radio or TV stations anywhere in the world."

  • Use MacTuner's search engine to tune in to police, fire and air traffic control bands
  • Includes over 1,900 Stations
  • Supports RealAudio and Video
  • Find stations using detailed world maps
  • Browse Stations by format
  • Find stations using integrated search engine
  • Save favorites in preset buttons

"I'm a musician that lives in a small town, so I love listening to the variety of MacTuner's radio stations at anytime," said Gerry Davenport, a MacTuner customer.

Users will need a Macintosh running System 7.5.1 or higher, RealPlayer 5.0 or higher (including RealPlayer 7 and G2 RealPlayer), at least 8 MB of available application RAM, Internet Config 2.0 or later (or the Internet control panel under Mac OS 8.5 and later), an Internet connection (including AOL version 4.0 and higher, and Compuserve). MacTuner requires no external libraries to be installed.

MacTuner is US $22.95. Aladdin allows users to try the software for 20 days before registration is necessary. For a free trial, go here.