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German Creator of Site Crashing Program Gets Heavier Sentence

The 21-year-old hacker with the alias "Mixter", who allegedly created the program used for the crash of several big-name sites in February, was sentenced late Friday by the Hanover regional court to a 6-month youth prison sentence.

The sentence was suspended to a two-year period of parole. Prosecution points included "computer sabotage" and "spying for data" and other attacks on businesses in 1998. The damage was estimated at DEM 34,000 ($16,500).

Mixter is credited with developing the program "Tribe Flood Network" which was used in the recent attacks on sites such as CNN and eBay.com.

The initial sentence was 15 days community service, but the public prosecutor's office put in an appeal. The German Federal State Court also agreed that this penalty was far too light. The new sentence is a response to the demands of the public prosecutor's office; the defense gave up any further appeals.

Mixter, however, dissociated himself from these attacks and offered the companies concerned advice on his homepage on how to guard against the program. This sentence is not directly related to the now infamous program, but instead follows an earlier offence by the hacker.