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Symantec Sideswipes Second Patent Dispute

Internet security specialist Symantec has reached a patent dispute agreement with Clearswift Limited over technology used for in-transit scanning of malicious code.

Cupertino, Calif.-based Symantec Friday said the deal resolves all pending litigation between the two companies. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

As part of the settlement, the U.K.-based Clearswift is now a Symantec certified technology partner and has obtained a non-exclusvie patent license from Symantec to use its technology. Clearswift's product line includes software for managing and securing digital communications.

The dispute centered on the use of Patent No. 5,319,776, which covered in-transit scanning for harmful computer code used in viruses .

Symantec itself purchased the patent in question in August of 2003 from Michigan-based Hilgraeve as part of another settlement deal. At that time Symantec then became the plaintiff in actions that had already been begun on the patent, including the one that has now been settled with Clearswift as well as one that was settled a few days ago with Aladdin Knowledge Systems.

As the global level of Internet security risks continue to rise, so to do the fortunes of Symantec. The company reported a positive fourth quarter and year-end result on April 28th. The results revealed a 43 percent increase in revenue in the quarter over the previous year. Overall Symantec' s revenue's were up by 33 percent from 2003.