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Object of Affection

Business Objects (BOBJ), an e-biz intelligence solutions provider announced Tuesday plans to acquire OLAP@Work, a privately-held software firm that hails from Ottawa. Under the terms of the deal, Business Objects will pay about $15 million in cash for the keys to the castle.

OLAP@Work develops high-end online analytical processing (OLAP) reporting tools which will compliment Business Objects' existing software suite and WebIntelligence software. Business Objects boasts a who's-who list of over 9,000 customers that include Walt Disney (DIS) and AT&T (T).

The company tends to play its growth close to the vest, preferring to develop product offerings in-house rather than through acquisitions. Business Objects last acquired Next Action Technology, a UK-based software developer that specializes in set-based technology for customer selection and segmentation applications, for a modest $8 million.

Investors' reaction to the OLAP@Work deal was muted, with shares of Business Objects finishing the day nearly unchanged. But the company has cooled amidst recent market volatility, over 45 percent off its 52-week high.

DealTracker scorecard: Business Objects/OLAP@Work

Investor sentiment B+
Terms of the deal B+
Industry outlook A-
Overall scorecard B+

Easy2ship.com, a majority owned subsidiary of ci4net.com (CIFN) announced its acquisition Tuesday of privately-held e-Bidding.com, a U.S. based freight and e-commerce company. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Under Construction

Yet to officially launch its online shipping service, easy2ship.com will operate as a fulfillment service that connects shippers with importers and exporters. The company plans to use its existing operating system with e-Bidding.com's end-to-end transaction engine to connect carriers with shippers, while automating transaction data.

Easy2ship.com's parent company has been busy padding its portfolio of investment properties, which include over 30 Internet companies in B2B, B2C, and e-commerce. Its zaibatsu network has paid dividends as investors bid up shares of ci4net.com to its 52-week high just over a month ago. However, the company has fallen victim to profit taking, shedding almost half its gains since then, with an additional 10 percent mark down on the heals of the latest acquisition announcement.