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Popcast Expands Links, Taps Japan

POPcast Communications Corp. Wednesday completed licensing agreements with,, and online communities.

Members of , a division of Mixx Entertainment Inc., an Asian entertainment network covering new products and technologies, J-pop music, manga and anime from across Asia will be able to upload up to ten megabytes of audio or video content for free, encoded at rates as high as 110 kilobytes-per-second, with upgrades to higher bit-rates available for a nominal fee.

In a partnership with Digitainment, the parent of,, and, POPcast's personal Webcasting-enabling technology will be featured in several roles. First, is announcing a lottery-style "Funniest Home Movies" contest, wherein participants submit their entries along with a nominal entry fee which is pooled for a grand prize.

Using POPcast's free POPcaster digital video conversion tool and the POPcast personal Webcasting application, amateur videophiles will submit their videos directly through the site.

The Webdance Film Festival will also be accepting submissions in similar fashion -- allowing filmmakers to submit their work directly through using POPcast's technology.

Finally, will be using POPcast's technology to offer its community of actors, performers and comedians the ability to stream their demo reels for 24/7 on-demand viewing.

"By providing free personal webcasting services, anyone with a camcorder will be able to broadcast online at to a global audience," said Stu Levy, founder and chief executive officer of and its parent company, Mixx Entertainment.

"We believe Webcasting will fuel the growing interest in Asian pop culture that has captured the attention and imagination of Generation I."