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Dell Targets Computing and Services for Internet

Dell unveiled a comprehensive business strategy this week -- including new products, services, and strategic alliances -- that will enable it to capture a growing share of the estimated $370 billion that will be spent by 2003 as companies build out their Internet capabilities.

Five key initiatives are to be implemented in Canada:

  • Infrastructure Computing. Dell's new PowerApp appliance servers designed for specific Internet infrastructure tasks, in combination with Dell PowerEdge servers and PowerVault storage products, will provide customers a full range of server and storage solutions.
  • Service Provider Direct. Focused resources, programs, and alliances to meet the needs of Internet service providers, application service providers, and Web-hosting providers.
  • "E"xpert Services. New and expanded e-consulting and Web-hosting capabilities to help businesses harness the power of the Internet.
  • Universal Access. A drive to enable universal Internet access through a combination of leading-edge devices, connectivity offerings, and access choices.
  • Dell Ventures. Strategic links to companies with technologies, products, and services that create breakthroughs for the evolving Internet age.
"We are combining Dell's Internet expertise, and our unique ability to organize resources around distinct customer needs, to create new Web-related capabilities," said Michael Dell, chairman and chief executive officer.

"The Dell advantage is based on direct relationships, low cost, speed to market, and e-commerce expertise as much as it is on Internet hardware, appliances, and customer services and support."

Dell, which already operates one of the world's largest and most profitable e-commerce sites with more than $40 million in sales daily, is the Number Two supplier worldwide of networks servers that are a key component of the Internet infrastructure.

During the fourth quarter of last year, Dell PowerEdge servers accounted for 40 per cent of industry growth and nearly five points of global market share.

Dell Canada is a Canadian company and wholly owned subsidiary of Dell Computer Corp., a direct computer systems company with worldwide revenues of $25.3 billion for the past four quarters.