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Zkey Signs Corel, Eyes Wireless Device Market

Zkey.com Thursday announced a series of strategic partnerships to promote its on- and offline information storage services, including a significant partnership with Corel for its Linux applications and Web tool sites.

Corel will integrate Zkey's services into CorelCity.com and CreativeAnywhere! sites, including its universal login, file storage, calendars and address book. Zkey also says it is very interested in tapping into Corel's Linux products.

The Zkey process allows users to share information through wireless devices, Internet applications, and offline desktops. Business clients can prepare, store and distribute presentations and documents through Zkey's protected data storage and selective exchange services. Zkey can also store billing information for easy retrieval in e-commerce and other transactions.

A Corel spokesman said that the deal is expected to enhance its new focus on Internet strategies, as well as contribute to its ongoing Linux applications development.

The company also announced deals with 3M for its Web-based Post it Note software, a calendar service that functions online and can be dragged onto the desktop for event reference.

Jfax will also promote Zkey's suite in its package of services. A new deal with Casio will include Zkey tools on its soon-to-be-released wireless devices.

Zkey also announced that its exchange system will now be available on any Net-enabled wireless device or platform, a move which it claims as a market first for its type of application of its kind.