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eBay Launches Canadian Site

eBay Monday launched a new specifically targeted Canadian site.

eBay Canada features listings in Canadian dollars and has new tailored Canadian categories, such as Inuit Art and CASCAR racing memorabilia.

The site is designed to encourage buying and selling between eBay users in Canada while also supporting Canadians' desire to trade with the United States and other countries.

The new features include: local currency (every item is shown in Canadian dollars, as well as the currency it was listed in by its seller), new Canadian-specific categories among the 3,500 used on the site, and new services, including insurance up to $300 dollars on every item, as well as Canadian customs and shipping information.

"Canada is a unique market for eBay and, to foster our vibrant Canadian trading community, it is important to have local currency, local categories, and local services," said Jeff Skoll, eBay's vice president of strategic planning.

The Canadian eBay community has already built the largest online trading site in the country, with over 175,000 items located in Canada and access to over two million items that sellers are willing to ship to Canada.

The company pioneered person-to-person online trading. Founded in 1995, it has developed an efficient and entertaining trading site that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

eBay now claims an excess of 10 million registered users; and there are said to be currently more than 4.2 million items listed for sale, with some 500,000 items added daily in more than 4,300 categories.