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Sonicbox Releases iM Software Tuner

Sonicbox Inc. Tuesday released its iM Software Tuner, giving Internet users easy access to streaming radio stations.

"Sonicbox was founded to make listening to 'best of planet' Internet radio as simple as possible, said Niko Bolas, President and CEO of Sonicbox Inc. "The iM Software Tuner is our first step toward listeners being able to experience Internet radio anytime and anywhere, making it a part of their life - stay tuned."

With pushbutton e-commerce capability and targeted one-to-one ad insertion, Sonicbox offers radio stations new revenue opportunities and advertisers access to highly targeted listeners via an Internet-extended cluster model.

The software allows listeners to let the broadcaster know whether they like or dislike what they hear and enable the stations to run Internet promotions and conduct opt-in listener market research. Listeners can also get information about a particular song they are listening to. The feedback from this feature is in the form of an email that tells users the name of the song, the name of the artist, the name of the CD and how and where they can purchase the CD.

"As a music aficionado, the idea of being able to tune in formats that do not exist in New York is extremely enticing, said Rich Russo, Vice President /Director of Broadcast Services for JL Media, a premier media buying firm, "This product should shake up a stagnant cookie cutter programmed radio world and open our ears to what we've been missing. We're already getting prepared to pitch this to our clients."

"Sonicbox shares our vision of making digital media part of everyday life," said Dave Fester, General Manager of Marketing, Digital Media Division at Microsoft. "The Sonicbox solution makes it easy to enjoy the broad selection of content in the high quality Windows Media format throughout the home."