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Inktomi Unveils New Search Index

Inktomi Corp. Tuesday released its third-generation search architecture, a super search index comprising 500 million Net documents.

GEN3 underpins the Inktomi search engine and has the ability to index over one billion documents. This new architecture will provide portals and destination sites, offering users accurate search results and new search services.

The GEN3 architecture is built upon Inktomi's (INKT) Coupled Cluster and Concept Induction core technologies. Coupled Cluster software architecture is the foundation for the Inktomi search engine and enables multiple workstations collaborating in parallel through high-speed connections to function as one computer.

Inktomi clients include Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), America Online Inc. (AOL), Goto.com Inc. (GOTO) and Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO).

In March, Inktomi joined the ranks of firms that are turning to wireless technology, a market many analysts expect to boom over the next few years. Inktomi said it will work with Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) for its hardware Sun Microsystems Inc. and (SUNW) for its infrastructure.