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Oracle, Belgacom Announce B2B E-Marketplace in Belgium

Oracle Corp. and Belgian telecoms solutions supplier Belgacom Wednesday introduced the first Web-based B2B marketplace in Belgium.

Based on Oracle's Exchange e-business market platform, the new e-marketplace will link suppliers to purchasing companies, enabling real-time transactions, and -- say the two companies -- better prices and faster delivery.

The Belgian e-marketplace will launch during the summer this year, providing a single point of contact for buyers and sellers, allowing them to streamline their supply chain activities.

Ray Lane, president and chief operating officer, Oracle Corp., said the Belgian e-marketplace was the most recent of several branded exchanges running on Oracle's e-business market platform.

"Together, Oracle's exchange platform and expertise combined with Belgacom's network of suppliers and buyers in this region, will allow this branded exchange to provide a reliable environment for conducting true e-business over the Internet in both Belgium and abroad," said Lane.

With the launch of the e-marketplace, Belgacom will be taking a step towards becoming an important European provider of business-to-business electronic solutions. 50 per cent owned by the Belgian state, Belgacom is 50 per cent owned by ADSB Telecommunications, a consortium of companies including SBC, Singapore Telecom, and Tele Danmark.

Belgacom says that its own Facilities and Business Services division, which supplies services to meet the internal needs of the group, will begin to use the e-marketplace immediately. It says it is already making arrangements for trading partners, suppliers and major customers to use the system.

"With this initiative Belgacom clearly wants to contribute to the new world of e-economy by providing its customers with enabling technology and services," noted Alain Deneef, general manager of the Data Networks and Applications division of Belgacom.

The new e-marketplace will be based on international standards and will be available to anyone with access to the Internet.