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New Swedish News Site Launches

Senastenytt.com recently launched with the goal of becoming Sweden's fastest and most comprehensive news site.

News will be provided free of charge to newspapers and companies that want to carry the latest bulletins on their web sites or intranets. Or readers can access the site directly.

The news at senastenytt.com will be produced by the Swedish wire service Nyhetsbyren FLT, in which FLT Media, backed by Sweden's provincial newspapers, is majority shareholder and MTG a minority shareholder. FLT Media and Modern Times Group MTG each own 50% of senastenytt.com.

The latest news will be presented in five categories: domestic, foreign, business, sports, and entertainment. The news will be produced by FLT's editorial department, which has been reinforced to deliver news around the clock, year round.

The broad content will be complemented by a weather service and information from the OM Stockholm Exchange. The latter materials will come from other vendors.

Roughly 15-20 sites are participating from the start. The news service will be financed by advertising revenue. When an Internet user clicks on a news headline, the entire text will appear at senastenytt.com.

senastenytt.com enables newspapers and companies with web sites to post headlines without having to publish or edit the news themselves. This speeds up their tasks. But there is a one time fee of SEK5,000 (US$580) for receiving this news feed.

Traditional news papers and organizations seems to get more competition on faster news feeds. One other competitor is 24timmar.se that focus on more local news. But all the new sites have the faster speed for posting news in the main focus.