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QXL.com Inks Deal with BT Cellnet for WAP Auctio

QXL.com announced Tuesday that it will partner BT Cellnet in a deal that will make its online auctions available via BT's Genie Internet wireless platform.

The deal calls for a specially created service, tailored for WAP mobile phones, but it will include thousands of items and will greatly extend the reach of QXL.com's auctions. Users will be able to submit bids direct from their mobile phones.

Jim Rose, chief executive officer of QXL.com, said his firm was the first to host co-branded online auctions with BT Cellnet.

"This agreement provides both QXL.com and BT Cellnet customers with a fun, easy and convenient way to access and keep up to speed on QXL.com's latest auctions," said Rose.

Speaking for Genie Internet, General Manager Brian Greasley said that 600,000 customers have already signed up for the WAP service, and the number is growing by 4,000 a day.

Genie Internet is a Mobile Internet Service Provider, the first with fully operational, commercially available WAP services in the U.K. when it launched in January this year.

In March, BT formed a global mobile Internet business based on Genie Internet, and this summer it plans to become the first mobile network in the U.K to offer commercial services based on a General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) network, following a 500 person trial in January.

QXL.com operates across Europe in nine languages and currencies, enabling sellers to locate and trade with buyers on a 24/7 basis. Via QXL, buyers can bid for computer software and hardware, consumer electronics, household appliances, collectibles and even for packaged holidays.