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Nomadix Patents Hotspot Landing Pages

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Nomadix has secured a patent used in HTML-based pop-up windows that launches when an Internet browser is opened at a hotspot, the company said Wednesday.

Sometimes referred to as a landing page or a slash page, the proxy site usually advertises the provider and some additional information about the hotspot. Newbury Park, Calif.-based Nomadix calls the technology an Information and Control Console (ICC).

Kevin Jaskolka, a senior channel marketing manager with Nomadix, said the technology lets users select bandwidth and billing options when they want, courtesy of a pull-down menu. It also provides post-paid and RADIUS users with a logout button to terminate a public access session. Nomadix boasts that its technology powers more than 15,000 points of presence.

"For example, a user may want to download an extremely large file and requests additional bandwidth," Jaskolka told internetnews.com. "That gives the service provider the additional revenue. For us, it is a strategic value-add instead of making it just a licensing or service fee."

But USPTO Patent No. 6,789,110 -- "Information and Control Console for use with a Network Gateway Interface" -- can also let carriers and hotspot providers monitor their users by monitoring bandwidth and elapsed or remaining network time. Because the provider has the network information, Nomadix said ICC provides a direct marketing and advertising opportunity for public access service operators.

"We are seeing more and more service providers outsource the software and the development to us," Jaskolka said. "It is not combative technology, but there are things that we do better than other companies, and we are talking to the major providers to see how can we cooperate."

Currently, Nomadix has service contracts with Sprint, Quest, MCI and China Netcom, and it is currently working on adding Verizon to the mix via its Proxim property.

Jaskolka said ICC is an opt-out technology that allows the hotspot owner to monitor the user even if the provider does not. V-Link and its contract with the Embassy Suites hotel chain is an example of this relationship.

While there are a few similar competing technologies available on the market, Jaskolka said Nomadix does not have any plans on the table to aggressively defend its patents.

The ICC is just one part of a five-step, service-branding process that Nomadix is offering. The company's Nomadix Service Engine software powers its access gateways, including the Universal Subscriber Gateway IITM, the HotSpot Gateway and the AG-2000w Wireless Gateway.

The company also recently launched new roaming software that helps consolidate the number of times a mobile user needs to log in and get billed. Dubbed Nomadix Interconnect Services, the service aggregates more than 4,000 venues operated by carriers, wireless ISPs and service providers. Jaskolka said the company will spend the next year expanding the service.