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Motorola, BVRP Get in Sync in Japan

Synchronizing contacts between your cell phone and your PC is easy when you've got the right tools. Thanks to cell phone vendor Motorola, BVRP Software's Mobile PhoneTools application is now being shipped to Vodafone customers in Japan.

Using BVRP's Mobile PhoneTools application that is bundled on Motorola phones, cell phone users can transfer and synchronize data between their PCs and phones with either a USB cable or Bluetooth technology. The application enables multimedia file management (ring tones, wallpaper and pictures) between cell phones and PCs with its Multimedia Studio tool. BVRP also claims that Mobile PhoneTools will allow cell phones to act as a modem for a connected PC.

Motorola customers in North America, Europe, Latin America and parts of Asia have already had Mobile PhoneTools bundled with some of their phones. The Motorola 702MO and 702sMO devices shipped to Vodafone in Japan marks BVRP's first entry into that market.

"Mobile PhoneTools has become an important part of the Motorola global product offering, giving end users the power they need to manage the growing amounts of data stored on their Motorola devices," said Tom Okada, general manager of Motorola PCS Japan, in a statement. "Motorola bundles BVRP's software with many phones worldwide, so it was only natural to turn to BVRP to supply the same software for our new phones being supplied to Vodafone."

BVRP's Mobile PhoneTools isn't the only way to get your contacts synched between cell phone and PC. Silicon Valley-based startup Plaxo recently unveiled a pair of new services that allows users to synchronize data from their PCs onto their cell phones wirelessly.