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Intel Sues Chinese Firm for Infringement

Intel is suing a Chinese company for allegedly copying software used in communications cards, the company said this week.

The chipmaking giant filed its suit in Shenzhen Intermediary Peoples Court accusing Dongjin Technology of infringing on Intel's Inter Dialogic System Release 5.1.1 software (SR5.1.1), specifically in the header files which contain transparent information about the file or the transmission.

The software lets manufacturers install computer telephony in their Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, and XP communications hardware. Applications can include voice mail and automated phone tree applications such as the ones used by banks to direct callers to account information.

Intel is seeking $7.96 million in damages -- the same number Dongjin reports in annual revenue.

A lawyer representing Dongjin Technology quoted told China Daily that the company's NADK brand of software is designed to be compatible with Intel's software but does not infringe on any patents.

Intel spokesman Robert Manetta told internetnews.com intellectual property lawsuits like this spring up periodically, but are relatively uncommon in the emerging markets of China and India.

"If you look at these types of lawsuits, they could be anyone from a small individual business to a large corporation," Manetta said. "We are confident that the courts will respect our IP rights and anyone else who is doing business in China."

Intel, Framingham, Mass.-based NMS Communications and Dongjin are the three largest suppliers of software for mobile applications and infrastructure.

Analysts quoted by China Daily said Dongjin's recent rise in popularity has made it a visible target by the other two U.S. firms and that may have played a part in Intel's infringement suit.

Intel's Manetta declined to speculate on the reasons behind case beyond infringement of property rights.