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Alliance Draws News in with Chaos

Online entertainment site and music retailer ChaosMusic has signed an exclusive 12 month alliance with news.com.au to provide the site's entertainment content.

Under the deal, Chaos will exclusively deliver music and entertainment news to news.com.au, which is the news and current affairs site of News Interactive's network.

The music consumer-focused content will include reviews, latest product releases and an interactive chart list of the top five most popular music, DVD and video releases.

News Interactive will utilise Chaos' ChartZone brand to distribute the daily chart information feed. ChartZone is among Chaos' first steps to repackaging and distributing content to other portals, as the music retailer seeks to be seen as also a source for entertainment content.

The two companies will also jointly develop an daily subscriber email newsletter, and aim to create an online entertainment portal through their partnership, that would add value to the existing services each provides.

While most of the details on the content arrangement so far have specified what Chaos will bring to the relationship, the company said it would have a content sharing arrangement with news.com.au.

"The partnership will result in a number of opportunities for content distribution, including promoting a number of offline events during the term of the agreement," said Chaos chief executive officer, Rob Appel.

The content deal will be timed with news.com.au's inentions to expand in to a "variety of areas", said News Interactive general manager, Bruce Dover. "This alliance gives news.com.au an opportunity to cross fertilise customers and content."