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Register.com Launches Domain Security Service

Domain registrar Register.com Inc. Wednesday launched Domain Lock Down, a service that protects domain names from being hijacked.

With the new service, register.com (RCOM), "locks" names at the registry level, which helps prevent unauthorized alterations to name server and registrar information and blocks deletions of a domain name for the length of the registration term.

As a result, customers using the service have greater security over their domain names and can reduce the risk of illegal tampering. The service costs $99 per name.

In light of the recent hijacking incidences, register.com felt it was essential to provide customers' with peace of mind, according to Richard Forman, the company's president and chief executive officer.

"Because a domain name is the key access point to the Internet, businesses cannot afford to suffer the effects of illegal domain tampering," he says. "By locking down a domain, register.com corporate services customers increase the security of their business."