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Deutsche Telekom May Offer Flat Rate Sundays

Deutsche Telekom has submitted an application to be approved by the German Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority (RegTP) for a new "all inclusive" rate for Sundays, which would then incorporate internet rates.

The start date of May 1 for this "XXL Tarif" is still doubtful however, since to date no definite promise has been made to the Telekom by the authorities. The decision, according to Genz, will probably fall next Friday.

The price which was named in the German finance newspaper, the "Handelsblatt", of 14.89 Marks (7.02USD) would be correct if it becomes authorized. This figure is calculated from the 9.90 Marks (4.66USD) for the "Active Plus" tarif and an extra 5 Marks (2.36USD) for Sunday calling/Internet use in the Telekom net. In the pricing model "Active Plus", local calls otherwise cost upwards of three pfennigs (1,4 US cents) a minute.

The company also released the information that the new "Full Flatrate" for T-Online, the ISP of Deutsche Telekom, could also be expected some time this year; in its case an application to the RegTP will not be necessary. Right now, Germans have to pay Internet access by the minute, incorporating local call tarifs of at least 2,5 pfennigs (about 1 US cent) by the minute.