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Netscape Chooses Euroseek for European Search

America Online Inc. subsidiary Netscape Communications Corp. announced Thursday Euroseek will provide search services for all nine Netscape Netcenter sites in Europe.

Euroseek will make its search engine available for Netcenter users in Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain. Being available in 39 different languages makes it especially convenient for users who are not able to read English.

Peter de Verdier, Euroseek senior vice president for marketing and sales, said the agreement with Netscape would give Euroseek greater weight in Europe.

"The increased exposure gained from our relationship will lead to increased traffic at the same time benefiting the European users of the Netscape brand by providing them with localized search options."

John Heins, Netscape vice president for sales and international operations, said the deal would give European users of Netscape properties easy access to relevant regional search results.

As part of the agreement, Euroseek will license data from Netscape's Open Directory Project (ODP), the largest human-powered search directory with more than 1.6 million sites in over 260,000 categories. The ODP data is compiled and organized by over 23,000 editors in 229 countries, working in 42 languages.

Combining Euroseek search with Netscape's ODP will ensure that users get the the most up-to-date and relevant search results, say the partners. The use of the industry's first "freshness dating system" is expected to deliver fewer than one per cent dead links.

Headquartered in Sweden, Euroseek employs nearly 100 people. Its portal receives 28 million visits and 109 million page views per month.