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SOA, Systinet Spruce Up Web Services Gear

SOA Software and Systinet upgraded their Web services management software Platforms to improve their speed and ability to process more messages.

SOA Software said Service Manager version 3.0, which monitors Web services and XML transactions in an SOA to detect and correct errors, has been significantly improved to meet "the most extreme demands placed on it in enterprise deployments."

The new version includes dashboard functionality based on the UDDI registry, along with the ability to pinpoint service endpoints and automatic management.

SOA recognizes Service Manager must scale appropriately if needed from customers who require more infrastructure to handle a greater influx of Web services . Version 3.0 now scales to more than one billion messages per hour.

Service Manager 3.0 will begin shipping in July and will start at $5,000 per CPU.

While Santa Monica-based SOA was trotting out its revised platform in California, SOA rival Systinet whipped up its own improvements across the country in Burlington, Mass.

Systinet upgraded its Registry software, a business service console with user profiles that match the information requirements of technical and non-technical users.

Improvements to Registry version 6.0 include the Governance Interoperability Framework (GIF), which helps software share information about services across multiple vendors and systems. The framework has APIs that tie together Web services management, security and business intelligence.

Also new in Registry 6.0 is Policy Manager 1.0, a new piece of policy-enforcing software designed to determine who may access what and improve SOA service delivery. Policy Manager comes with policies and assertions for WS-I Basic Profile and checks for the validity of WSDL and XML Schema.

Combined, the Registry and Policy Manager should help Systinet customers reuse code and cut out other manual operations.

Moreover, Systinet is working on an SOA platform in the form of Blizzard, which extends the Systinet Registry functionality to allow organizations to store information and assets in a single registry/repository. Blizzard, which will be ready in the fourth quarter, supports Web services lifecycle management and service-level agreement management.

Systinet Registry 6.0 is available now, with pricing for a typical installation ranging from $40,000 to $80,000. Policy Manager 1.0 is also available and ranges from $35,000 to $50,000.

Despite the fact that seasoned startups like SOA and Systinet SOAs are well into multiple versions of their Web services and SOA platforms, distributed computing models are still in their formative stages.

IBM, BEA and Microsoft, among others, also play in the space. But while the space has multi-billion-dollar potential, market research from Evans Data suggests Web services are being done in-house with proprietary builds instead of industry standards.

Moreover, developers are sharing them internally: External deployment is rare, according to the Evans survey. Evans analysts said the external drought is due to a lack of skilled professionals who can architect and maintain platforms.