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Bluemanna Launches Active Portal

Australian active lifestyle vertical portal Bluemanna recently launched in Sydney, showcasing its site of interactive content covering outdoor and adventure travel and leisure.

Giraffe Online, the media company that produced Bluemanna, expects the site to act as a primary navigation point for users interested in an active lifestyle.

The portal brings together activities such as camping, climbing, fishing, adventure travel, surfing, cycling and extreme sport in its first channel, MannaOutdoors.

Later this year, second and third channels will be rolled out by the 30 person editorial team, incorporating the design and feel of MannaOutdoors and aiming to reach an international audience.

Giraffe Online managing director Charles Murphy said Bluemanna has the potential to succeed where others have failed because of worldwide interest in outdoor sports. Together with relevant content, Murphy said this combination will enable Bluemanna to attract and retain a targeted audience.

"We have accumulated high quality content and positioned our Web sites as primary navigation points for people with an interest in specific topics," he said.

"Although initially Bluemanna will be a content-only site, we are currently adding more channels and e-commerce capacity," said Murphy.

Bluemanna will derive part of its revenue from advertising and sponsorship, but Murphy said the bulk of the site's income will be generated by providing selected companies with the opportunity to sell products and services through the Bluemanna site.

"Our site will act as a gateway through which companies can conduct e-commerce on a revenue sharing basis," he said.

Bluemanna is currently forming alliances with a number of Australian active lifestyle retailers to achieve this aim.

The launch of Bluemanna forms part of Giraffe Online's long-term strategy to move into broadband content and commerce provision.