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DealTime Upgrades Its DealAgent Technology

Independent, online comparison shopping service DealTime delivered DealAgent 2.0, an upgrade to its dynamic pricing engine that gives merchants, manufacturers and industry analysts access to real-time data on aggregated consumers

Expanding on the success of the original DealAgent launched in November 1999, DealAgent 2.0 offers corporate subscribers access to additional features including the ability to drill down by category, brand, model, feature or price.

DealTime allows consumers to compare models, brands, merchant types and prices from merchants across the Web, as well as off-line sellers. The company said DealAgent gives client subscribers an up-to-the-minute snapshot of what its consumers are looking to buy and the prices they want to pay.

It provides three different graphical views of analytical data compiled directly from tracking DealTime shoppers' cumulative indication of interest on specific products, brands and models in each shopping category:

  • Demand Share -- Provides a comprehensive overview of market share. Subscribers can view demand for products, models, brands, features and the price ranges that consumers are most willing to pay
  • Top Product --Provides consumer demand for the top or most popular products, enabling comparisons between specific manufacturers or two like products by different manufacturers
  • Compare Agent -- This allows a detailed, side-by-side comparison of consumer demand for products, brands, models and individual features

Armed with this indication of interest information, merchants can respond by immediately submitting a new deal to the DealTime.com site.

For example, when a merchant learns that a significant number of consumers are looking for a DVD player under $600, it can instantly submit a like offering to DealTime.com.

"Providing a real-time information exchange through DealAgent allows us to transform online shopping from a one-way business-to-consumer model to a business-to-consumer-to-business cycle," said Dan Ciporin, president and chief executive officer of DealTime. " we not only provide consumers with product and price information but also empower manufacturers and merchants with the ability to respond, in real-time, to consumer demand."