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Young & Rubicam Launches Ongoing European Survey

Swiss-based Young & Rubicam Business Communications Tuesday launched Eurostatus 2000, an ongoing, online business survey that examines cultural diversity across the continent and makes new information available to marketing professionals.

A joint venture between Young & Rubicam Business Communications, The Media Edge and FutureCom -- all of which are part of Y&R Inc. -- Eurostatus 2000 provides a bi-monthly snapshot of consumer confidence levels and business vitality across Europe. Other partners include Centaur Publishing, Usine Nouvelle and Vogel Industrie Medien.

Anyone may join Eurostatus 2000 for free, but only participating companies will be able to gain access to the data in advance.

Eurostatus 2000 is headed up by Sue Mizera, director of strategy and planning at Young & Rubicam Business Communications. The venture will give European business men and women a forum where they can say what they really think of major companies and where their industry sectors and national economies are headed.

"But more than that it allows them to know what their peers, contemporaries and customers think. It will also highlight attitudes country by country, so we can see where industries, markets and nationalities differ," said Mizera.

With most major Internet ventures in Europe -- from chello to lastminute.com -- operating across many different countries and cultures, Eurostatus 2000 will be a useful adjunct to existing market information. In effect, it will put flesh on the bones of the raw data, giving executives a greater feel for the diversity of the markets they serve.

"Due to the difficulty and expense of polling a pan-European business audience, no such survey has ever existed," said Mizera, adding that the combination of new technology and cross-border partnerships has now made it possible."

Young & Rubicam Business Communications specializes in business to business advertising and marketing communications for its European clients.