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Computer Management For The Little Guy

Hoping to find placement for its software among customers with constrained budgets, HP said it will offer a new configuration tool to help IT administrators automate the deployment of resources across their computer systems.

HP OpenView Client Configuration Manager will help administrators find installed hardware and software on a network of PCs, as well as distribute software and updates to PCs on a network.

With built in reports for checking inventory, security and operations, the tool will also pinpoint vulnerabilities in a system and deploy security patches when necessary.

While it is not uncommon for similar types of management software to run $100 or more per seat license, HP is reaching out to the little guy with entry-level pricing: $25 per seat license. This includes one year of free standard telephone support and product updates.

The product is meant for Windows client operating systems and will be available in October.

The tool comes at a time when customers are turning to software that automates and manages changes on a computer network. Such software frees up IT administrators to address other, more complex tasks, and makes up part of a multi-billion-dollar management software business.

It also shows that such perks aren't relegated to big businesses with big budgets.

"Solutions such as the entry-priced HP OpenView Client Configuration Manager allow HP and channel partners to be better positioned to offer customers a solution that can grow and evolve over time to meet changing business requirements," said IDC analyst Fred Broussard in a statement.

In order to accommodate networks that have the ability to grow, the utility will also allow customers to upgrade to other, more advanced solutions in the OpenView Configuration Management portfolio, HP said in a statement.