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EuropeanInvestor.com Offers Free Real Time Access to Eleven Markets

High-tech financial information source EuropeanInvestor.com has become the first Web site in Europe to offer free real time information on London, seven other European and three U.S. markets.

With another big story on Wednesday being confirmation of the merger between the London and Frankfurt stock exchanges to form the forthcoming iX, EuropeanInvestor.com's announcement was a timely reminder that Europe has consistently lagged behind the U.S. in market news distribution for private investors.

EuropeanInvestor.com says the move "levels out the playing field for private investors," enabling them to keep in touch using real time information just like professionals in the City.

"With this new free real time service, we are confident that investors will have the tools they need to continue making the most informed investment decisions on London, European and U.S. markets and ultimately, to continue making money," said Thierry Holoffe, chief executive officer of EuropeanInvestor.com.

Visitors to EuropeanInvestor.com will have free access to real time share prices on the following markets: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Euro.NM, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Switzerland, New York, Nasdaq and Amex.

Another feature of the site is its multi-currency portfolio tracker, enabling investors to track up to 500 personally selected stocks in up to 10 different portfolios across all the various markets.

Up to now, free real time share prices have been available only from a few U.S. financial information sites on U.S. markets, while some European sites have offered similar information about their local markets. EuropeanInvestor.com is the first to make all the real time information available in one place.

Users can access EuropeanInvestor.com on the Internet and via WAP and SMS services through EIC Mobile.