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Excite Dishes Out Free E-mail in UK

Excite Inc., in conjunction with e-mail partner WhoWhere?, announced plans today to provide every schoolchild in Britain with a free e-mail address.

Part of the UK government's NetYear initiative, which aims to provide Internet connectivity to every pupil in the United Kingdom by the end of 1998, Excite reports that as many as 10 million students are expected to get lifelong e-mail accounts through ExcitePost.

The ExcitePost private e-mail service aims to protect students' privacy by ensuring that student-aged users only receive mail from people to whom they've sent messages, or from those in their address book. Excite said the service also incorporates important spam blocking technology.

According to Excite, UK NetYear expects an estimated 5 million school children, teachers, and schools to participate in the first 6 months to receive Internet access and Web-based e-mail accounts at a rate of just under one million a month.

Excite reports it will work with UK NetYear to create a signup registration process for students and teachers via Excite UK.

The company says it plans to work with the U.S. government in an effort to provide U.S. schoolchildren with similar Web-based e-mail access.