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Quest in Search of Secret to a Longer Life?

In the next four years, we may very well have a better understanding of how –- and where -- to live longer, healthier lives.

Quest Network, which produces interactive, standards-driven, online learning adventures, is about to embark on what it calls four Blue Zones expeditions.

Blue Zones are demographically confirmed longevity hotspots. The goal is to explore and try to discover the practices that help people there live longer lives. The first expedition will take place Oct. 31 to Nov. 11 in Okinawa, Japan.

The aim of the Blue Zones expeditions is to identify and explore over a four-year period the parts of the world where residents have the longest life spans and to emerge with a cross-cultural "formula" for healthy longevity, beyond genetic factors outside of our control.

Via satellite and what the company says will be a highly interactive Web site, the Blue Zones expedition team will connect with millions of people interested in healthy living.

The Web site will feature daily live-to-tape video segments and written reports containing physical, biological and cultural clues that may explain the region's extraordinary longevity.

Miami-based Alienware, which started out as a direct sales provider of high end PCs for game enthusiasts and has branched out in recent years with notebooks and workstations geared to business and professionals, will provide Quest with computers, including its Alienware MJ-12 7550i workstation and Sentia notebooks.

Based on the Intel dual-core Xeon processor, the 7550i workstation will be used to help create pre-production materials for the show, while the notebooks will be used in the field to help with daily updates to the show's Web site.

"I believe that the success of modern-day expeditions is a function of how well they convey the sense of exploration and discovery," said Dan Buettner, founder of Quest Network and expedition leader, in a statement. "Our collaborative method of exploring Blue Zones and deciphering their longevity formula will yield a recipe to help Americans live longer and better." Buettner will lead the expedition.

Online participants will be able to direct the Blue Zones team of experts trying to solve various mysteries, and votes will help drive certain logistical and ethical decisions, according to Quest.

The first two-week expedition will culminate with a final vote that allows the audience to aggregate and rank lifestyle components to create a de facto formula for longevity.