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N2K, MSI Reach Agreement for European Music Distribution

N2K Inc. signed an agreement with MSI of Miami Corp. to create a European distribution hub for its Music Boulevard online music superstore.

Under the agreement, MSI will add up to 150,000 international titles to Music Boulevard's catalog of offerings, which will then exceed 550,000. The move will make Music Boulevard's online store the largest collection of recorded music available anywhere on the Internet, the company said.

As part of the pact, MSI will create a fulfillment center in The Netherlands to serve all of the European markets by mid-April, reducing delivery time to European customers purchasing music titles originating in Europe. Financial details were not disclosed.

"This agreement will create a truly global distribution system to better serve our European and domestic customers," said J.J. Rosen, senior vice president and general manger, N2K Entertainment.

New York City-based N2K has already begun developing a global music distribution system and signed an agreement in December with Shinseido Inc., the leading music retail store in Japan. N2K has expanded with N2K Japan as well as MTV International, which links MTV Internet sites in Europe, Japan, Asia, and Brazil to Music Boulevard.

The company has developed a French language version of Music Boulevard with Grolier Interactive of France. In addition, N2K recently announced a partnership with StarMedia to develop Spanish and Portuguese language versions of Music Boulevard.