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CanadaOne Business Web Site Launches

CanadaOne, a premier Web site for Canadian business, officially launched this week.

The innovative site targeting micro- to medium-sized business owners and operators in Canada features many facets, including a business magazine, technology center, business and resource directories, and a promotional center.

A typical issue of CanadaOne includes articles relating to networking, finance, legal issues, marketing, case studies, and Internet business strategies. As well, the site already has over 160 excellent resources and the Canadian business directory, each of which are expected to be popular with busy Canadian business people.

The diversity and quality of information on the site make it one of the best launching points for Canadian businesses using the Internet.

CanadaOne is not a reinvention of a traditional publication online, but rather was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of its audience. Supported by advertising, the site seeks to prove that Canadians are ready for an innovative, Internet-based business publication.

"As a small company, the investment in CanadaOne has been a big step for us. We are navigating through uncharted waters with many risks. But at the same time we are also exploring a new frontier--and we wouldn't trade that experience for all the security in the world," said Julie King, founder and editor of CanadaOne.