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Forrester Expands Operations in Europe

[May 11] Internet industry analysis provider Forrester Research this week opened a new research center in the U.K. and announced Thursday the appointment of William Reeve as group director of European data products.

Forrester's new research center in London, headed by managing director Neil Bradford, is the culmination of the company's acquisition of Fletcher Research, the most prominent of Internet analysis firms in the U.K.

"Forrester's infrastructure, support, and resources will enhance our leading position in the U.K. while enabling an accelerated introduction of our proprietary data products -- Internet User Monitor and Internet AdWatch -- into other European markets to provide customers with a truly 'whole view' of the Internet economy," said Neil Bradford.

New appointee William Reeve, who was director and co-founder of Fletcher Research, will oversee the expansion of Forrester's portfolio of data products, including those mentioned above plus Technographics Europe. As a result, clients will get a comprehensive European picture of Internet usage and commerce.

Reeve said that Forrester had aggressive plans to extend its Technographics research to encompass all 15 EU countries, tracking 350 million people by the end of the year.

"The introduction of Internet AdWatch in France and Germany in the summer will provide Web site owners and advertisers with the most reliable up-to-date information about their competitors' online ad spend and revenue," said Reeve.

In the ever-lengthening chain of command at Forrester, Reeve will report to Emily Nagle Green, managing director of Forrester B.V. in the Netherlands, but, says the company, he will also work with Stan Dolberg, vice president of Research at Forrester's Massachusetts headquarters.

During 2000, Forrester will host six forums in Europe - four of them in London on the themes of Interactive Channels, Online Retail, Personal Finance Online and Media Online.