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Canadian Internet Banner Exchange Launches

The Canadian Banner Service announced the commercial release of the Canada Hyperbanner--the first free Banner Exchange Service in Canada to display advertising banners on a large network of Canadian-only Web sites.

The Canada Hyperbanner is free to all Canadians and offers special services to Canadian sponsors, large site owners, partners, and advertising agencies. These special services include the use of animated banners, live event banners, time-controlled banners, and server-side campaign statistics.

The Canada Hyperbanner also supports animation and Java-enhanced banners which are designed to provide exciting enhancements for advertisers and contribute to higher banner clickthrough rates.

"Most online banner exchanges services do not allow advertisers to target Canadians Internet users," states Jeff Yeomans, Administrator of the Canada Hyperbanner Service. "In contrast, we have developed our service exclusively for this purpose. Canadian companies can now direct their advertising at the Canadians Internet user in a cost-effective manner."

Sponsoring information is available from Canadian Banner Service.