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Globel Direct Offers EBP With Payanybill.com

[Calgary, CANADA] -- Globel Direct, inc. a Canadian provider of document and information outsourcing solutions, and Payanybill, its technology partner, are executing electronic bill presentment (EBP) for Globel customers. Globel's customer invoices will be posted for online viewing, and customers will be notified electronically that they have the option to view Globel invoices at the site.

Globel will make invoices available online to its customers as a demonstration of its electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) joint service initiative powered by Payanybill, an applications service provider (ASP) that offers turnkey EBPP services to small and mid-tier recurring billers.

This EBPP service allows Globel to move its document and information outsourcing solutions services to the Internet, while at the same time capitalizing on historical relationships with customers for whom Globel currently produces over 1 million bills a month.

In January 1999, Jupiter Communications predicted that more than 15 million U.S. households would receive electronic bills by 2002. Killen & Associates estimated that 60 billion repetitive bills are generated annually worldwide. By 2005, one-third of all repetitive bills will be presented through the Internet.

"To date, online billing has only about a 1% adoption rate, so the opportunity to grow the market is huge for Globel, together with our partner Payanybill," said JR Richardson, president of Globel Direct, inc.

Globel uses technologies in print, direct mail, telephony call centre systems and through its New Media division, content development and licensing for Internet presentation designed to enhance existing relationships between clients and their customers.

Payanybill offers EBPP services in industries such as telecommunications, utility, insurance, and financial services. Its PABservicebureau service includes online bill design, e-mail notification, bill presentment, payment processing, enrollment marketing, and customer care. The Toronto-based company maintains research, development, and sales offices in Toronto, Canada.