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New Technology Doubles Modem Speeds

Transend Corp., the US-based subsidiary of South America's largest modem manufacturer, announced a breakthrough in modem technology that enables the doubling of throughput over analog phone lines.

Using chip-level, channel bonding techniques that combines the capacity of two phone lines, the vendor is the first to maximise long data block transmissions in a point-to-point environment.

"For the millions of small businesses and consumers who have access to two or more analog phone lines, this technology breakthrough can provide much needed and affordable relief," said Tom Bradford, president of Transend.

"Our chip-level channel bonding technology breakthrough does not require any special telephone lines or configuration. It puts analog modem speeds into the same speed lane as ISDN without additional costs or installation hassles."

In the UK, ISDN installation from BT costs #99, on top of which are line rental charges that are substantially higher than those for a POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) line. The appearance of high-speed modems from Transend - which are scheduled to ship by July 1998 - could have a significant impact on the ISDN market.

Transend's Gemini 112K modem offers throughput of nearly one hundred per cent over 56K. It follows the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) v.90 standard; is MLPPP compliant; and uses two data pumps, making only one serial port or one PC slot necessary. It uses a patented technology called Simple Analog Channel Sequencing (SACS) and is compliant with all operating systems and application programs.

"The Gemini blows every other analog modem away in terms of speed and throughput," said Tom Bradford. "Other so-called 112K modems only increase throughput by 12-30 per cent according to one respected PC publication (PC World). The Gemini 112K modem actually doubles the speed of 56K."

The Gemini 112K modem senses Call Waiting and can detect and accept an incoming fax over one of the lines and then automatatically resume double-speed data transmission. When the full power of the modem is not required, users can switch to single-line speeds of up to 56kbps.

The estimated price for the Gemini 112K will be under $200. It will be sold "factory direct" and via ISPs and VARs. Transend Corp. is a subsidiary of Digitel, of Porto Alegre, Brazil.