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Study: Canadians More Wired Than Ever

According to a new study from Environics Research Group, 40% of Canadian households have a PC and over half of these households have access to the Internet.

The Focus Canada Omnibus survey covered current levels of personal computer penetration and Internet access in Canada. It also examined the age and gender breakdown of Internet users.

"This survey offers an excellent indication of the extent to which Canadians are accepting technology into their homes," said Yvonne Hiemstra, a Senior Associate with Environics. "More and more households are using their personal computers for both work and personal needs. As electronic entertainment and advanced technology become more commonplace in society, the number of Canadians with access to computers and the Internet is expected to grow."

Of the 40% of households that own computers, over 50% have access to the Internet. Personal computer owners are typically English-speaking adults under 60 years of age, and employed full-time as professionals, technicians, office, or sales professionals.

The household income of computer owners skews to over $35,000 per year. Computer owners with access to the Internet tend to be males in two age groups--18-29 and 45-59.

Results were derived from 2,013 interviews conducted in March and April, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.2 percentage points 19 times in 20.