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VirtualTek Partners with US West

In an exclusive interview with seattle.internet.com, Sam Sim vice president of sales for Bellevue-based VirtualTek announced that his company has recently partnered with US West and US West Wireless to provide the ISP's customers with wireless access to their personal address books, calendars, and other mobile desktop functions.

US West will use VirtualTek's "Joydesk" Web-based software. The Joydesk interface, email, address book, message board and user preferences can be viewed via an HTML Internet browser or HDML PCS phone mini-browser.

According to Sim, he came up with the name "Joydesk" to communicate the idea that one can have joy in accessing the fuctions of their desktop anytime and anywhere. In fact, VirtualTek has set a goal to provide access to comprehensive peer-to-peer and business-to-business communication, from any device.

Sim believes that the wireless option is definitely the direction where things are going. "Without a doubt, mobile computing is changing the landscape of how we communicate with our peers and going forward. Joydesk.com will provide the much needed collaboration solutions the mobile worker will need for this purpose. Hence, Joydesk Wireless Collaboration is targeted and geared specifically for this audience in mind."